He’s a former Major League Baseball superstar, a philanthropist, and now media and business leader.

Derek Jeter exemplifies the power of a dream champion – someone who does more than just lead by example. “The Captain” has – and continues to – inspire people to keep chasing their dreams. To have courage and heart. To dig deeper.

I was thrilled to sit down with Derek recently for the latest episode of the CEO Podcast, where we discuss his role as a new American Family Insurance brand ambassador, joining former CEO Podcast guests, JJ Watt and Kevin Durant. We also talked about Derek’s charitable work and his vision for The Players’ Tribune.

Select the image below to listen to my conversation with Derek Jeter, or visit my SoundCloud page.

And look for American Family’s new advertising campaign featuring Derek, JJ and KD, debuting today. You’ll get to see how these guys are making a difference in the lives of others by removing obstacles and helping them achieve their dreams.